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If you work with SMM, you definitely have some goals related to it, like to get more subscribers, to increase conversion rates or to get more targeted traffic. Reaching these goals is much more easy with special instruments, and we call them the social media marketing tools — the problem is that there are probably thousands of such instruments and you have to choose the best, but how to do it if you aren’t very experienced in SMM? Here we have the best social media marketing tools and explain the main differences between them. By the way, we are sure that not only beginners, but also professional specialists are interested in these services and this text, consequently.

So, the first thing you have to know is that almost everyone use them. From copywriters to international enterprises, almost everyone who has something to do with websites promotion uses social marketing tools — and they can really ease the task of promotion.

These instruments are often divided into two groups — self-service and enterprise ones. It depends on your or your business needs, but if it’s not a big enterprise, we highly recommend you to use a self-service instrument. The price of these two types varies, too. If you need to find the best social media marketing tools for your small or medium company, you will most likely have a free trial period and pay something like $10-$250 per month, and if you need a professional instrument, the price may start from $1,000. Yes, almost all of them are paid, but you can choose whether you need this service or not during a demo or trial period. They are usually free.

As SMM is a very complex thing, there are lots of types of such services which can help you. In general, the majority of them can:

  • Help you to manage your accounts in the social networks, post and send messages, schedule them.
  • Make deep and detailed analysis and reports about your SEO performance. That’s how you can see the details of your marketing campaign, correct it and fix the problems if it’s needed.
  • Monitor all the blogs and news websites in order to keep you up-to-date.

They also often show the scoring thus making it easier for you to work with different social networks. But, long story short, these instruments can help you to get much more traffic then you have now and to improve your website’s SEO performance.

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