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What if following Google and Yahoo guidelines doesn’t help to lead the site to the top? How to see the problems and how to fix them? Here the SEO audit tools come. They do just that.

Everyone who either works with websites or is just interested in it will sooner or later need an instrument for audit. Full test of a website is often needed for both web masters and optimization experts in order to improve the site, to understand the mistakes and shortcomings and to get more traffic. Here you’ll find good SEO checker tools.

It needs to be said that we have tested all of them. We update the information often so there are no websites which doesn’t work anymore in this list. Specialists often search for the SEO checker tools when they have problems with the promotion or if they want to see whether the site is ready for launch. It’s also highly recommended  to perform such an audit before launching the website. You don’t want your new resource to be at the last page of Google search results, do you? So,  if you are an experienced specialist, you can also be interested in SEO audit tools.

The full audit often delivers good results, but it doesn’t work “alone” — it will definitely show you the problems  and the weak points of it, and it can give you the information about what should you fix to make your site better. We recommend to use these instruments together with other SEO optimization tools in order to get the better performance.

Here is the list of both paid and free SEO optimization tools and checkers. Most of them do also analyze the SMM ranking, the usability and the loading speed of the pages. They are the best in their field and all of them will most likely show results. Try and see!

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