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If you’re looking for a good website image optimizer, you’ll certainly find it here.

Lots of people who have something to do with sites don’t care about the web image optimization at all. They think it doesn’t really matter and it’s not the issue of the highest priority — and that’s a mistake. At this page we’ve collected the best website image optimizers for you, and we are sure you will find them useful.

As we’ve said, web image optimization is often neglected even by professionals, not just by beginners. By neglecting it, they make a mistake — and here’s why:

What is the first thing a user who opens your page sees? Yes, pictures. That’s how our brain works. Most of us draw attention to the biggest and the brightest element of a site during the first seconds of the session. Moreover, these biggest and brightest elements make the first impression of a site and, as we know, such impression is the decisive moment. These elements are, as you might have supposed, images. Taking all these above-mentioned facts into account, think one more time: do you want the users to see the unloaded pictures? Do you think they will stay at your webpage if they see something like this or if they have to wait for a picture to ?

The answer is no, and this is why you definitely need to use a website image optimizer. Whether you have an online store, an information site, a blog, or anything else — you need a web image optimization in order to make your webpage more user-friendly and comfortable to use.

Long story short, all of the instruments we’ve collected can help you to manage the pictures. All these website image optimizers can make these files smaller (without visual degradation, it’s important), consequently the loading speed of your site will increase. Some of them also work with the keywords and alt tags, associated with the picture. Web image optimization is necessary if you want to get more visitors and leads, and we are sure you do, that’s why we’ve made this list — at this page you can choose the best one for your webpage. By the way, all of the tools here were tested by us!

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