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Do you need a good email marketing tool? We have the best here!

Email is one of the oldest ways of advertisement in the Internet. It’s in the roots of SMM, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to give up in the nearest future. Email management is still needed for those who want to promote a website, a good or service, so specialized email tools would be useful for such people, too. Are you one of them?

Although electronic mails are actually great if you want to reach your audience, some of the modern SMM specialists think such way of online promotion is out-of-date. But the deal is: if you use it right, you will get what you need. It’s proven by years and millions of clients.

Email tools have different functions. The most common ability of the best email marketing tools is (and it’s natural) the ability to send messages. Hundreds, thousands of letters can be sent by one click — that’s how you have the possibility to build your online campaign. Of course, lots of settings are available, and the absolute majority of such email marketing tools let you to see the statistics and to analyze it. With most of them you can look at the history of messages with every receiver. The most powerful tools will give you a possibility not only to see a full history of letters but even the information about what messages did your customers open and reply to. Some of the instruments also let you to see what pages did the receivers open at your website.

So the main function of every email marketing tool is to build a campaign and to manage it; of course, you can customize this process as you wish. The other functions are searching and listing of contacts, and that’s why the email search tools were created, but the automatization of mailing is a thing necessary for every SMM specialist and marketer so that’s why we’ve made this list. You’ll find both free and paid instruments, both email search tools and other ones here — but they are the best. Email marketing tools (and that’s the thing you should know) are often paid, but almost all of them offer a free (trial) period. Try and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

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