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When talking about SEO tools, plagiarism checkers shouldn’t be forgotten. At this list you’ll find the best ones!

When people talk about the search optimization and the instruments of it, they often forget about the small SEO tools (plagiarism checkers). It’s obvious that keywords is needed for website promotion, as well as deep analysis, good optimization and fast loading speed — and uniqueness is very important for getting more traffic, too.

As for the SEO tools, plagiarism checkers are not the most popular instruments, although they are one of the most important. Why? Let’s see.

In the majority of cases, a website is built around the content, and the content is like a nucleus of the site. This fact means that some obligations are imposed on the quality of the content, and if it’s text, it should be readable, clear, correct and unique. By the way, visual marketing is very popular in the last years, of course, but texts are still trending and relevant. They are still the main thing the user who opens your site pays attention to, and texts can encourage a customer to do something useful for you (like buy something you offer or subscribe).

And this text should, as we’ve just said, be correct, clear, interesting and unique. The first three is for people, while uniqueness of the article or of the review is very important for search engines, such as Google. That’s why you need a small SEO tool, plagiarism checker. Test all the texts you want to publish (or already published ones) and change the phrases shown in red color. After doing this, you will see that the optimization is improved and that your website raises up in Google search results.

There are some checkers in this list — almost all of them are free and available without registration, though you’ll be able to use all the advantages of them when signed up. We have tested them, so all of them work, and work good — at this page you’ll find only the best plagiarism instruments.

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