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Let’s be honest, it’s not as simple to start working with search optimization. Lots of new, unknown and specific terms, difficult techniques, confusing marketing jargon that may sound like an alphabet soup — it’s only a small part of the things should be explained for those who want to begin their journey into optimization. A good SEO beginners guide would definitely be helpful.

The very first thing you should know is that it isn’t a very difficult science, actually. Of course, it’s a complex discipline, and if you want to become an experienced specialist, it wouldn’t be enough to read a SEO beginner guide. But these manuals, combined with practice (you shouldn’t forget about it, reading isn’t everything) will bear fruit sooner or later.
And the initial step is the most difficult one, traditionally. That’s why we’ve decided to help you — here you’ll find only the best sites with relevant information only. Moreover, we’ve tested all of them and wrote short descriptions to every SEO beginners guide in this list. That’s how we made the choice easier so you won’t be unsatisfied with whatever you choose.

Almost all the guides in the list were designed for one purpose, and this purpose is to tell the novices about the basics of the optimization. The majority of these guides is free, but sometimes when you are good in basics and want to go deeper, you’ll have to pay for it.

There are both very basic and very complex instructions here. We highly recommend to start from the basics, even if you are sure you already know everything about them. After that you will be ready for more detailed articles, but don’t forget about practice — no matter how good the instruction is, theory is empty without experience.

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