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Let’s be honest now — Internet marketing is rather a complex topic (if you didn’t stop learning it at the very beginning, of course). It actually consists of many parts, and link analysis is the integral and essential part of it, too. If you need to work with it or if you are just seeking a SEO link tool, we’ve collected the best of them here. Read and choose!

Why do you need a link analysis tool? Well, whether you are a coder, an optimization specialist or a copywriter, you are probably interested in how can your site achieve the highest results in search engines. In order to get these results, you have to use all the possible instruments, and SEO link tools will definitely help you in it. So, these instruments are needed (it’s the most important function of them) to analyze your links. Most of them check the number of links on your web page, the percentage of them (both external and internal ones), the types of them and some other things, like anchors and duplicate links. It is necessary to check how does Google (and other search engines, of course) see your website and how does it index your webpage.

Talking about the other branch of SEO, link building, we have some well-done instruments for it, too. It’s a common thought that lots of instruments are usually needed to perform SEO link building campaigns, and we want to destroy this myth. Actually you do really need only a few of them. The only thing you should remember is that these tools won’t do your job — they can reduce the routine and help you to manage your campaigns, consequently you will spend less time on it. Yes, you still have to do the creative part of the job even with these instruments, but who’s to say that it’s a bad thing?

Choose between the best of SEO link tools here. They are relevant and good at their job — you can be sure in it because we’ve tested every site at this page.

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