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At this page we’ve collected the best SEO analytics tools that may be useful for you.

It’s a very common situation when you (it doesn’t matter whether you are an optimization specialist, copywriter or coder) understand it’s high time to rise and to promote your site. You have everything needed — good design, perfectly written unique articles, nice images and well-done scripts, but there is no result, because you still can’t get hundreds of visitors and your website isn’t even close to top. And here’s why SEO analysis tools are important. They do everything possible to bring your website closer to the first pages of search results.

But what exactly such instruments do? Well, there are different functions and different types of such websites, but the main and the most common options are:

  • SEO analysis. Tools like those from Google, for instance, show you how do search engines see your webpages — they evaluate lots of factors, from the loading speed to keywords. Such tools are often free (but in this case there are some limits), or paid — if so, you will get greater opportunities. That all-in-one tools and platforms can also build reports and give you advice how to improve the SEO performance of your website. Moreover, they often let you compare your site to your competitors’ ones and it’s extremely important for every business.
  • Specialized instruments that take one of the above-mentioned factor and work with it. They don’t have so many opportunities, but they are definitely good in their spheres.
  • Links check. SEO analytics tools show if your links actually work, they show the broken links and, sometimes, how to fix them. By the way, the most frequent reason of broken links is that they are no longer active, so don’t forget to check it by yourself.

That’s not everything, of course. We’ve collected the best SEO analytics tools here and you can choose whatever you like — both highly specialized and instruments of the widest range, both free and paid, but what do all of them have in common is their highest quality. We’ve tested each of them and now we are happy to present this list. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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